Gold plated jewelry

Gold plated jewelry

Gold plating is the technique of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. Commonly using copper or silver, and the process is chemical or electro chemical plating.


Gold plated jewelries have an increased demand now a days. Gold polishing has shorter life and can wear off easily than gold plating. But gold plating can survive very long time. Gold plating adds shine to the metal and makes it more beautiful. According to the quality of plating price range of the jewelry is determined.

How to take care of gold plated jewelry

  1. Wear it last- Wear your beautiful gold plated jewelry last after all makeup. This will protect your jewelry from harmful chemicals. This helps it to last long.
  1. Take it off first- After using take your jewelry first. Take it off before going to bed. Extra rubbing during night causes gold layer to wear off quickly
  1. Avoid soap and other corrosive liquids- Take it off while bathing, cooking etc. Soap and acidic materials causes harm to your jewelry.
  1. Wipe using cotton cloth - After using wipe your favorite jewelry with a clean cotton cloth to clean sweat.  This is will add life to your jewelry.
  1. Store separately- Always keep your gold plated separately after use. Use a poly bag, plastic bags or boxes to avoid scratches.

These are some of the tips to make your favorite gold plated jewelry last long. Hope you like it.



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